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AA Nearly Ready, New Toys

This is a post from my old “All Aluminum Tour” blog about Peyote—my race car and Nero, my Airstream-based car hauler and some crazy stuff I did in 2006-2007 It’s pretty funny to read this post from the perspective of 2019 and today’s smartphones, but that 2007 Nokia N95 was one hell of a powerful […]

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Geezer Foil

Last year foils on SUP showed up in the Gorge. I was getting my downwind board off the shuttle at Viento Park for another run a few days before the Gorge Paddle Challenge when I faintly heard someone yell “Uncle Bill”. I don’t have any nieces or nephews in a reasonable range, so I didn’t think […]

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Alexa, Write A Post About Amazon Echo

I got an Amazon Echo–I didn’t learn my lesson with Google Glass so I signed up for early release when they first announced it. But unlike Google Glass this was a cheap foray into the leading edge–$99 if you have Amazon Prime. You have to request an invitation to buy, and you can only buy […]

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Bending Metal

I’m playing with several projects at once right now, mostly to increase my abilities to make metal behave. So far the score is Metal 4, Pono 1. And that 1 was probably a tie at best. What I’m up to is updating and upgrading Nero, my Airstream toyhauler. When I built Nero I cut a […]

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