Welcome to Ponostyle

Good is the enemy of great

But sometimes good has to be good enough. Ponostyle is my personal blog and screwing around learning new stuff website. Don’t be surprised if you come here and find it all changed or broken.

The current intro video is a short version from the website I recently built for Mark Raaphorst. I’m spending a cold afternoon in SoCal cleaning up this site. I’m a little too fuzzed after Champagne for lunch to do anything in the water–It’s my birthday, so why not. At 74, birthdays are only cool because I’m still on the right side of the grass, and still playing.

Thinking Critically and the Value of IMBW

It’s a good time to practice critical thinking or at least the aspects of it that might make you bullshit-resistant. Notice I didn’t say bullshit proof. Every human has their own store of nonsense and is generally looking to reinforce their belief in it rather than exorcise it. Some people are more resistant than others,

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Better Next Time

That could easily be the tagline for my life, but it’s actually an idea for a cookbook I’m starting to write titled Better Next Time. The inspiration came from an eBook I wrote for my friends at Analemma Wines called Tasting and Pairing Unusual Wines. I’ll put the eBook up here when it’s done with

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Surf Foiling

I started learning to foil surf sometime in the fall of 2018–seems like it’s been longer, but think that’s about right. These are some shots from the early days, using a fairly huge board Dave Kalama made for me that I named Mr. Fugly. I don’t really think it was fucking ugly, but it was

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FFffff-rozen at Celilo

Got a text last night saying Big Winds was going to do a repeat of the infamous Hellfire run of a few years ago. The wind prediction for today was off the charts in the east end of the gorge. This presents a conundrum. Unlike other years I kind of quit downwinding early. I haven’t

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Wiring for Solar

This is going to be tedious stuff, but necessary knowledge if you don’t want your solar installation going up in smoke. The voltages of most solar/battery/inverter installations are relatively easy to manage, but the currents used are not. I’ve seen all kinds of errors in installations, even from supposed professionals. I am NOT a professional,

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Solar Power for RVs

I’ve had a few questions about how and why I’m doing a solar/battery system for Fritz, what I’m using and how I chose it. This is going to be a fairly long post with a bit of math, so if you’re interested, get a cup of coffee and settle in. Fritz is an extreme experiment.

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About Pono

Pono is one of those versatile hawaiian words with multiple meanings. It can mean righteous, correct, in harmony, balanced, it can even be a tip or a present. But mostly it means striving for excellence, which is something that stays out of reach. It’s not a brag–bragging is not Pono.

I started using the word without really understanding it. I used it as an online name because my home in Maui is on Pono Road. But it’s come to influence me in some ways. I tend to start big projects and then rush to finish them, taking shortcuts that sometimes ruin the outcome. The surest way for me to avoid that is to just think “that isn’t pono.”

It works for me, it might for you too. I wish you a pono life.




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