Welcome to Ponostyle

Good is the enemy of great

But sometimes good has to be good enough. Ponostyle is my personal blog and screwing around learning new stuff website. Don’t be surprised if you come here and find it all changed or broken.

The current intro video is a short version from the website I recently built for Mark Raaphorst. I’m spending a cold afternoon in SoCal cleaning up this site. I’m a little too fuzzed after Champagne for lunch to do anything in the water–It’s my birthday, so why not. At 74, birthdays are only cool because I’m still on the right side of the grass, and still playing.

Better Cornbread

On a whim, I bought a cast iron oyster pan from Sur La Table. Well, actually from Amazon. I like barbequed oysters a LOT. The

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I’m done.

I’m done telling people that this was not the fucking flu. That if they can’t manage to wear a mask then get the fuck away

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About Pono

Pono is one of those versatile hawaiian words with multiple meanings. It can mean righteous, correct, in harmony, balanced, it can even be a tip or a present. But mostly it means striving for excellence, which is something that stays out of reach. It’s not a brag–bragging is not Pono.

I started using the word without really understanding it. I used it as an online name because my home in Maui is on Pono Road. But it’s come to influence me in some ways. I tend to start big projects and then rush to finish them, taking shortcuts that sometimes ruin the outcome. The surest way for me to avoid that is to just think “that isn’t pono.”

It works for me, it might for you too. I wish you a pono life.