I’m done.

I’m done telling people that this was not the fucking flu. That if they can’t manage to wear a mask then get the fuck away from me. That getting vaccinated won’t turn them into liberals. Or let someone track them, or make them weak or stupid because they already have that maxed out.

I’m done telling anyone that yes, the government has fucked up communications, changed their minds, screwed the pooch a dozen ways, THAT’S WHAT THEY DO. And it doesn’t fucking matter, they aren’t your mommy or your daddy. Grow up and pay attention.

I’m done with anyone that thinks there’s some kind of global conspiracy. These people can’t stop looking like idiots at the most normal things. Do you really think they could pull off a conspiracy when they are all trying to undermine each other? Seriously, how fucking stupid are you?

500,000 Americans are dead because we couldn’t get our shit together. Because we had a child for a president. Because governors and congressmen care more about optics than reality. Optics, really? You mean how stupid they look when they refuse to wear a mask because that might look weak? How fucking weak do you have to be for that to matter?

500,000. That’s an insane number.

Yeah, they were old, or immune-compromised, or just unlucky. They weren’t you, and that’s all that matters. And if you think that way that means you’re a hollowed-out piece of shit without a conscience, and you just don’t matter.

500,000. We built a wall in DC to record the names of 58,318 names of people who died fighting the Vietnam war. A seriously solemn and moving memorial to a tragedy. It changed the course and attitudes of America.

500,000–because we were weak and undisciplined, and just didn’t care.

I’m done thinking about you.

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