Photos from Germany

This is a post from my old “All Aluminum Tour” blog about Peyote—my race car and Nero, my Airstream-based car hauler and some crazy stuff I did in 2006-2007

Dear Bill

My name is Rainer Reinhardt, TR3/4a/6 and racecar driver form Germany.
Kas Kastner has given me your email address after I read his latest book on Triumph. I was surprised to find an article about the Peyote MkII you have bought in the meantime.
Years ago in 1992 I saw the car in Laguna Seca. The owner these days was Baxter Culver. I spoke to him about his racecar and took some pictures. I thought you might be interested in the history of the car that beat all the Porsche 550 and the RSKs easily. Therefore I attach seven old pictures of your rare beast.

Kind regards,
Rainer Reinhardt

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