Ponohouse is for sale

I should have posted this long ago, but for some reason I neglected to. We’ve decided to sell our fantastic home in Maui. We love the place, and we’ll miss it when it’s gone, but we’ve had it for nearly twenty years, and it’s time to change things up a bit. Living in Hood River and Maui is pretty great, but I want to see more of the world, and even more of Hawaii. I don’t like short vacations–I like to stay long enough to get a real feel for a place. I want to surf more of the famous breaks around the world, and that always takes time to get used to the nature of a spot. It doesn’t make sense to just leave this place empty, and it’s too special to rent–the thought of a renter living here without taking as much care with it as we do is not pleasant. So it’s for sale, and it’s been on the market for a while–which is a huge surprise to me. I think people looking to buy a high-end home here focus on the west and south sides. A huge mistake. The tourist side of the island has no privacy, the only places that are quiet are gated enclaves, and even there the beaches are not private. It’s hotter, drier, and dusty from agricultural dust and pollen. All of our friends who live there keep their windows closed and air conditioners on. Their water bills to maintain little lawns and a bit of landscaping are more than triple what our are, as are electrical bills and property taxes.

Ponohouse is quiet, private, and comfortable, and has no air conditioning or heating–and no need for it. The prevailing breeze blows across 2000 miles of ocean–there’s no dust or pollen in it. It sits on the inside curve of a gulch, 250 feet above the ocean. There bay it overlooks is unspoiled–there are no building on it at all, and nothing between Ponohouse and the ocean but trees so far below they look like bushes. We have a 180 view of the ocean and sky. Here’s a video of the property:


And I website I built to show it off. http://www.ponohouse.com/





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