Pono is a Hawaiian word with a rich set of meanings. Everything from being righteous, doing things the right way, to an act of kindness–like a tip or a favor. Our favorite use for the word is “Striving for Excellence” but we also like the notion of working to continually improve. That’s what PonoStyle is about.

Insidious Pono
I have to confess that I knew nothing about the concept of Pono when I started using the word. I started a blog about ten years ago called Ponohouse because our home in Maui was on Pono Road. And my online name became PonoBill. Neither name had anything to do with the true meaning of Pono.

But Pono is an insidious concept, and once you start using it–even stupidly–it starts changing who you are and what you believe. Our first housekeeper in Maui told me she worked a lot harder on our house than any of the other houses she cleaned. “Its that Pono thing”, she explained.

Even though I was initially clueless, the fundamental magic of Pono started working on me. Pretty I found myself thinking of Pono as both a personal and business philosophy. I don’t know that I’ll ever live up the “Righteous” element of Pono, but I can certainly strive for excellence, and that’s what we’ll do here.

It’s a tough road to walk. But it’s an interesting one. And that’s what this website is all about.

The primary topics are Sport, Hobbies, Equipment, Gizmos, Cooking, Training, and Books. there are also categories for MyAccount and Products–we’ll talk about those later.

The Sport category will cover the kinds of sports I like to do. None of them involve balls, sticks, clubs or bats. They are things like stand up paddle downwinding, racing and surfing; Windsurfing; Kitesurfing; Kayak and SUP fishing; mountain biking; and racing cars. I welcome any and all contributions to these topics.

Hobbies covers a broader territory. I like restoring classic motorcycles, building electronic devices, flying and building remote control and autonomous drones, fabricating anything–welding, bending sheet metal, even a little bit of machining.

Equipment is anything from sporting toys to a new TIG welder or a 3D printer. We’ll play with lots of stuff.

Gizmos are the strange bits that don’t quite fit. For instance I just got a pair of Pivothead video glasses. I’m interested in 360 cameras, handheld electronics, and such stuff. Gizmos. Geek stuff.

Cooking is where I’ll start teaching geeks like me to cook. I’m a pretty good, very fast cook. I take a rigorous technical approach to cooking. You’ll either like that or hate it.

Finance might seem like a crazy topic for a self-confessed financial moron. But I’m working hard to learn. The more I learn, the less I like “financial advisers” or “wealth management”.  I’ve become certain that financial management is something you can’t delegate–too expensive and too risky. We’ll learn together.

Training is an attempt at personal self discipline. I’ve got to get rid of my belly. I’m a very fit fat guy. I get more exercise at 68 than most 25 year old guys do. I eat a pretty clean diet and I drink alcohol in moderation. But it’s not enough. I’m at least 40 pounds overweight. We’ll work on that together too.

Books is both reviews of book I like and the process of writing my own books. I’ve written one novel–Riding Sophia. I’m working on more. We’ll cover the trials and tribulations of self publishing and the pleasure of writing for simple fun and accomplishment.

This site may also offer some products, in which case they’ll be in the products category and undoubtedly talked about in the appropriate categories. In the event you order products all the transactional details will be managed in the MyAccount category. the products we have in mind reflect the idea of Ponostyle. That any product we make reflect a notion of striving for excellence. That we take the normal, and make it better.

Please join us. Commit yourself to taking on a little splash of Pono. I promise it won’t hurt. It actually makes everything a little better. Because that is what Pono is.

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