I’m done.

I’m done telling people that this was not the fucking flu. That if they can’t manage to wear a mask then get the fuck away from me. That getting vaccinated won’t turn them into liberals. Or let someone track them, or make them weak or stupid because they already have that maxed out. I’m done …

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You Are Probably A Geezer

I was going to say “Boomer” instead of Geezer, but that’s actually wrong. Boomers are ultra geezers. I got taken to task a few days ago by a guy on an RV forum for a grumpy post I did in which I described the participants as grumpy old farts. That might sound like some strange …

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Swim Forrest, Swim

Swimming is a GREAT geezer exercise. It’s low impact, easy on the joints, and it’s generally concentrated on the upper body. It’s relatively easy to exercise major parts of your lower body–walking, running, riding a bike will all do–but upper body exercise is a little harder to come by. It’s also very important if you’re …

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