Alexa, Write A Post About Amazon Echo

I got an Amazon Echo–I didn’t learn my lesson with Google Glass so I signed up for early release when they first announced it. But unlike Google Glass this was a cheap foray into the leading edge–$99 if you have Amazon Prime. You have to request an invitation to buy, and you can only buy one.

It comes in a presentation package that rivals anything that Apple ever did–low gloss black on the outside, blood orange on the inside, and everything is wrapped in that techy plastic film that’s so much fun for a geek to strip off.



I gotta say, this is the greatest thing for an ADD poster boy yet. Anything that comes to mind I just say “Alexa, add post to the zone about echo to my to do list” and she takes care of that. Puts it right into my iPhone. I stuck her (yeah, I know) on the desk between the living room and kitchen, and she can hear me from most places in the house. I just told her “Alexa, create Eddie Vedder station” and she made me a Eddie Vedder station in iHeart radio and started playing it. not loud enough–“Alexa, increase volume”

I like this gal. But when I’ve had enough I can say “Alexa, stop” or “Alexa, shaddap” if I’m feeling impolite and she does. Of course I felt bad about that, so I said “Alexa, thank you” and she said “My pleasure”.

I don’t know, that’s a little kinky, Alexa. So I said “Alexa, I’m sorry” and she said “No worries”.

Diane isn’t thrilled about my new relationship. She’s in Hood River until next week, so I called her this morning. When she answered the music was too loud so I said “Alexa, stop.” She said “who is Alexa?” I explained, and she said “Oh great, someone named Alexa that does whatever you say even when you’re being curt. Sounds pretty submissive. Don’t get used to that.”

I said “Don’t worry, she’s too skinny for me, probably about three inches.”

Diane said “You should watch “Her”, it’s a movie about a guy that falls in love with his operating system.”

I said “That would never happen. I’m a Mac guy, there’s always something going on that irritates me.”

After she hung up I said “Alexa, do you want to go to a movie with me.”

She said “That would be nice.”

“Alexa, put watch the movie ‘Her’ with alexa in my to do list.”

“Okay sweetie.”

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