Faster Grandpa, Faster

Okay, time for a beer. Maybe two. I love these kids, but…

We were a little lazy this morning, got up around nine and went to the Breakfast Buffet. Diane and I aren’t getting our fifteen bucks worth. Fruit and a bowl of oatmeal is probably not part of the model. But it’s easy, close, the boys like it, and it doesn’t require cleverness or decisive action, which I’m pretty damned short of right now.

We went to Fort Mackinac, which has an interesting history, including being the first fort taken by the British in the war of 1812, without a shot being fired. The British showed up with about 300 local Indians reinforcing their relatively small force and showed overwhelming strength to the 57 Americans holding the fort. They surrendered and were sent to Detroit, which seems like inhumane punishment these days.

I was reading the history plaques in detail, which of course meant Diane and the kids abandoned me and went to go DO something. So I’m a history nerd, sue me.

By the time I finished Diane and the guys were down on the parade grounds being drilled as volunteer militia. They marched around smartly (well, sort of smartly) and then the real fake soldiers did a musket drill, though they actually used cartridge breechloaders. Can’t be a stickler for historical accuracy at a tourist trap, it was close enough. Made a satisfyingly large noise and lots of smoke.

A quick and (surprise, surprise) mediocre lunch in the tea room, and we were headed for the playground in heavy-duty heat. Bad idea. James got a bit listless and uncomfortable though Shea ran like an Eveready bunny. back to town by horse taxi, then off to the hotel pool for a soaking in highly chlorinated water and little kid pee. Hey, I’m pretty sure that’s what it was. 85 plus degrees and they were still heating the pool. Is anyone paid to think?

We took the guys back to the room, basted them in the hot tub, then into the shower (bath for Shea) and off to dinner at the hotel’s fancy restaurant. I know, that sounds really stupid, but I reserved a table off by ourselves in the garden. James enjoyed it thoroughly, Shea tolerated it and didn’t disassemble anything. We had a nice meal that didn’t include tater tots for the adults.

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